my age?


Welcome to AgeGuess!

A citizen science project on human biological and chronological age.

Do I look much older than I am?

Wow, that person looks really young, what is their real age?

You have wondered before, now you can get some answers!

What is AgeGuess?

AgeGuess is a simple on-line game in which you can post your photos, have other people guess your age, as well as guess the age of other users.

Do it for science!

AgeGuess is based on your participation. It relies on the users, the players, the citizen scientists. Spend time guessing. Upload photos. Guess some more.

The science behind AgeGuess

AgeGuess investigates the differences between perceived age (how old you look) and chronological age (your age) as a potential aging biomarker.

Rules of AgeGuess

We display photos without any transfer of copyright and keep all information confidential. By guessing you will earn points and compete with other users.

What is aging?

Simply put, aging is the process of getting old, with death being its final outcome. Aging is deleterious and the likelihood to die increases with time.

The AgeGuess team

We are Uli Steiner and Dusan Misevic, two research scientists at the Max-Planck Odense Center on the Biodemography of Aging, Biology department of the SDU, and the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity in Paris, of the INSERM Unit 1001.