Policy Regarding AgeGuess.org Data Use

AgeGuess.org is a simple on-line game using biological and perceived age as biomarkers to address scientific questions related to aging in humans. All scientists and citizen scientist who gain access to AgeGuess.org data, analyze it and/or publish results based on the data agree to the set of rules outlined below. The rules are not meant to hinder people to explore or benefit from the data collected by the website but are put in place primarily to protect the players privacy. Additionally, in the interest of the project itself, these rules will enable the project authors to encourage and promote the involvement of others and connect different AgeGuess.org related activities.

Individual players who collected and contributed pictures to AgeGuess.org are always anonymous and identified in the dataset only by a random ID number.
Anyone gaining access to the data agrees to refrain from any attempt to reveal the identity of the AgeGuess.org players.
AgeGuess.org is setup to address scientific questions and no commercial use of AgeGuess.org data is allowed.
AgeGuess.org data will not be shared with any commercial companies or enterprises.

Data that is made available to scientists or citizen scientists will remain the property of AgeGuess.org and they are not authorized to distribute it or make it accessible to other persons or institutions. Data should be stored and secured in a way that would ensure such privacy protection.

Additional people who would like to gain access to the data should contact AgeGuess.org directly and agree to the rules described here. Access can only be granted by AgeGuess.org itself.

When publishing based on data provided by or originating from AgeGuess.org, the AgeGuess.org project needs to be mentioned as the source of data, and AgeGuess.org needs to be informed about publications. We strongly encourage all authors to publish in open-access journals.

Thank you for your interest in AgeGuess.org and for helping explore scientific questions via citizen science.

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